Album catalog «Etchings of Joseph Kapelyan»

Album catalog "Etchings of Joseph Kapelyan"

The album-catalog «Etchings of Joseph Kapelyan» of the series «Collections. Collectors» has been released.
The catalog features 24 etchings by the Israeli artist Joseph Kapelyan from the series: «Angels,» «Star,» «Ancient Jerusalem,» «Book of Esther,» «Flowers,» and «Fantasy.» The author uses a rare technique of «dry needle.» The artist donated his works to the Odessa Roerich House Museum. The catalog includes introductory articles by Elena Petrenko and Galina Podolskaya.
The exhibition is scheduled for October 2014. The organizer of the exhibition is the League of Culture magazine, a joint project of Ukraine and Israel, editor-in-chief Tatyana Slonimskaya.

An article by Elena Petrenko «The second exhibition of the magazine League of Culture «Etchings by Joseph Kapelyan.»