Elena Petrenko. Transparency of B. A. Smirnov-Rusetskiy

Elena Petrenko. Transparency of B. A. Smirnov-Rusetskiy

On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the artist of the Silver Age Boris Smirnov-Rusetsky, a full-color album of his pastel paintings from the cycle «Transparency» has been published. The album is the tenth edition of the series «Collections. Collectors» and includes works from 1979 to 1993 from the collection of the Odessa Roerich House Museum and the A. V. Bleshchunov Municipal Museum of Personal Collections, Odessa. Excerpts from the diaries of B. A. Smirnov-Rusetskiy are accompanying each work.

Album «Transparency of B. A. Smirnov-Rusetskiy»