Letters of N. K. Roerich. Volume I (1921 — 1924)

Letters of N. K. Roerich. Volume I (1921 - 1924)

The 1st volume of a projected three-volume edition of Nicholas Roerich’s letters (1921 — 1924) from the collections of the Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York has been published in the series «Creative Heritage of the Roerichs,» issue XXXII. The publication is dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Nicholas Roerich. Letters are provided with an index. The book includes reproductions of the works of N. K. Roerich, mentioned in the letters: works from the series «His Country,» a portrait of Nicholas Roerich, painted by Svetoslav Roerich. On the cover is the coat of arms of the Roerich family.

The decoding of handwritten letters and their translation was done by R. I. Yakovleva (letters in Russian), K. Gilevich, and E. Lyakhova (letters in English). The editor-in-chief, author of the introductory article, index, and design — Elena Petrenko. Page proof — Olga Yavorskaya