Natalia Porozhnyakova N. K. Roerich's suite «Saints»

Natalia Porozhnyakova N. K. Roerich's suite "Saints"

The third book in the series «Pictures of N. K. Roerich» — «Suite of N. K. Roerich „Saints“ by N. E. Porozhnyakova, Ph. D., head of the scientific department of the Odessa Roerich House Museum has been published.
This publication is devoted to the study of a series of paintings by N. Roerich „Saints“ („Sancta“, 1922). The paintings of the suite are considered in the context of the three-part structure of the World Tree. In the works of N. Roerich, based on a comparative analysis with Western European and traditional Orthodox analogs, archetypal models and symbolic motifs-modules in the images of Orthodox saints are revealed. The appendix contains fragments of letters of H. I. Roerich concerning «Sancta," as well as the judgments and studies of art historians and contemporaries of N. K. Roerich about the works of the series.