Natalia Porozhnyakova. The Sign of the Banner of Peace in the works of Nicholas Roerich

Natalia Porozhnyakova. The Sign of the Banner of Peace in the works of Nicholas Roerich

The book «The Sign of the Banner of Peace in the works of N. K. Roerich» by Natalia Porozhnyakova has been published. This is the fifth book in the series «Pictures of N. K. Roerich.» The publication is devoted to the study of Nicholas Roerich’s visual works, dedicated to the Banner of Peace, in connection with the events related to the promotion of the ideas of the Roerich Pact. The publication contains the interpretation of Nicholas Roerich’s paintings in the context of his philosophical views. Based on a comparative analysis of Western European, Eastern, and traditional Orthodox analogs, the archetypal models and symbolic motifs-modules were discovered in the works of Nicholas Roerich. The appendix contains quotes from the Teaching of Living Ethics, fragments of letters of Nicholas Roerich, and Helena Roerich regarding the Sign of the Banner of Peace and the artist’s paintings, as well as judgments and studies of art historians and contemporaries of N. K. Roerich about his works.

Editor-in-chief of the series Elena Petrenko, director of the Odessa Roerich House Museum.

Introductory article, compilation, design by N. Porozhnyakova.

Layout and graphics by N. Porozhnyakova, V. Zherdetsky, and A. Yavorsky.