Victor Brindach & Galina Podolskaya «Stones of the Twelve Tribes of Israel»

The catalog of the exhibition «Stones of the Twelve Tribes of Israel» by Victor Brindach and Galina Podolskaya has been published. The catalog is the 8th issue of the «Collections. Collectors». The publication features a series of paintings by the Israeli artist Viktor Brindach, donated to the Odessa Roerich House Museum in January 2014. The publication also includes an article by Galina Podolskaya, doctor of philology, art critic, author of the book «Modern Israeli Fine Art with Russian Roots» and the author of the idea of ​​this project. The exhibition of Victor Brindach’s works was organized by the League of Culture magazine (a joint Ukraine — Israel project) and published by the Odessa Roerich House Museum. This is the fourth exhibition held by the magazine «League of Culture.» The catalog includes full-color works of Victor Brindach, introductory articles by Elena Petrenko, an autobiography of Victor Brindach.

Victor Brindach & Galina Podolskaya
«Stones of the Twelve Tribes of Israel»