The Crimean symphony. Exhibition of Svyatoslav Skorobogatov // Aug 23, 2019

Крымская симфония. Выставка Святослава Скоробогатова

On August 25, in the Odessa Roerich House Museum, the exhibition «Crimean Symphony» by Odessa artist Svyatoslav Petrovich Skorobogatov, a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, a member of the Union of Odessa Marinists will open.

Художник Святослав СкоробогатовSvyatoslav Skorobogatov was born on January 22, 1937, in Odessa in a family of employees. In the 50s, after serving in the Red Army Northern Fleet, he entered the Odessa Grekov Art College. His teachers were D. M. Frumina and T. I. Egorova, and he graduated in the 60s as a painter. For 46 years he was a leading artist at the Odessa port, combined work with teaching. Svyatoslav Skorobogatov is an author of the emblem of the Odessa Commercial Sea Port. In the late 70s, the leadership of the Odessa port announced a competition among artists of Odessa for the best sketch for the future logo-emblem. The sketch of Svyatoslav Skorobogatov was unanimously selected and widely used on all the attributes of the Odessa port. Svyatoslav Skorobogatov held 15 personal exhibitions: at the Odessa Art Museum, at the Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art and other museums in Odessa. He participated in numerous exhibitions held by the Union of Artists of Ukraine. Many of the artist’s works were acquired by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, as well as private collectors of Argentina, Australia, the USA, Japan (Madame Nakomuro salons), Israel, Italy, Yugoslavia, England, CIS, and non-CIS countries.

Images from exibition